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Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

The Parish Council has had to postpone face to face meetings due to current social distancing restrictions, however we continue to escalate concerns and feedback from local residents to Bradford Council, including litter and traffic concerns, which the Ward Councillors are dealing with. We are also holding remote meetings: if you wish to attend the remote meetings please contact the Clerk for the relevant meeting ID (please note: remote meetings will commence at 6.00pm).

If anyone needs any help due to self isolating during this difficult time, please ring the Bradford Council Helpline on 01274 431000. 

Bethel Baptist Church

The Parish Council usually meets in the Bethel Baptist Church at 7.30pm on the second Monday of the month, unless otherwise stated (dates shown below).

Full Parish Council meetings are usually preceded by the Events Committee meetings at 6.30pm. 

To access previous minutes and agendas please use the menu on the left hand side.

Members of the public are welcome to attend but cannot take part in debates, however a period of time is put aside at the start of each meeting when the public can address the council.

Date Agenda Minutes
 13th January 2020

Parish Council Agenda 13.01.2020


Events Committee Agenda 13.01.2020

 Parish Council approved minutes 13.01.2020


Events Committee approved minutes 13.01.2020

 17th February 2020

 Parish Council Agenda 17.02.2020


 Events Committee Agenda 17.02.2020

Parish Council approved minutes 17.02.2020


Events Committee approved minutes 17.02.2020

 9th March 2020

 Parish Council Agenda 09.03.2020


 Events Committee Agenda 09.03.2020

Parish Council approved minutes 09.03.2020


 Events Committee draft minutes 09.03.2020


 11th May 2020

(commences at 6.00pm) 

 REMOTE Parish Council Meeting agenda 11.05.2020Parish Council approved minutes 11.05.2020
 8th June 2020REMOTE Parish Council  Meeting agenda 08.06.2020
 Parish Council approved minutes 08.06.2020
 13th July 2020 REMOTE Parish Council Meeting agenda 13.07.2020 Parish Council approved minutes 13.07.2020
 3rd August 2020REMOTE Parish Council Meeting Agenda 03.08.2020

Parish Council draft minutes 03.08.2020

 14th September 2020  
 12th October 2020  
 9th November 2020  
 14th December 2020