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Sandy Lane Primary School
 Methodist Church
 The Local Pub
 The local park
 Cottingley Road

Sandy Lane is a traditional English village, including a primary school, church, pub and park. It has been a small village since it was founded - until the 1990s, when a series of new developments were built to accommodate the increasing population of Bradford. Residents in the village, upset with the plans, formed their own opposition group and subsequently voted for a parish council.
A parish council is the first tier of local government; therefore it provides the most local level of community voice.

Sandy Lane Parish Council has thus been in existence since 2003, and Parish Councillors are elected by local people every 4 years. The current members of Sandy Lane Parish Council have been in office since 2011, and will stand for re-election in 2015.

The Parish Council hold monthly meetings to discuss issues of local importance and work with residents to understand community needs. The Parish Council worked closely with local residents and service providers to produce their Parish Plan in 2008, which outlines the aims and objectives of the Parish Council, and strives for improvement with the inclusive Action Plan. The Parish Plan provides a strategic tool for the Parish Councillors to steer their work locally, and is divided into the following sections: Local facilities and services, Transport and highways, Crime and community safety, and Housing and environment.

Sandy Lane Parish Council wish for their community work to be of the highest standard and as such are currently working towards the achievement of the Quality Parish Status, which is the stamp of excellence for parish councils.

Sandy Lane Parish Council are committed to providing the best for the community, and are constantly striving to provide a cleaner, safer environment for the residents. With the latest idea of pursuing a ‘Sandy Lane in Bloom’ scheme, the Parish Council wish to involve all local  residents, organisations and businesses to ensure that Sandy Lane continues to be an attractive place to live.